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Long Slice Food Service Bread

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Sandwich lovers, delis, and cafés — rejoice! We made this awesome Food Service Bread just for you. Each loaf contains 6 large slices, sliced lengthwise for maximum size and deliciousness! The bold bigness of each slice makes them perfect for scrumptious sandwiches, or grilled paninis! And, as always, it’s full of flavor and the super-nutritious deliciousness you know and love. Oh, look — it’s lunchtime already!


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Ingredients: Filtered Water, Whole Grain Sorghum*, Tapioca Flour*, Palm Done Right (TM) Palm Oil*, Prebiotic from Tapioca Starch*, Xanthan Gum, Psyllium Husk*, Acacia Fiber*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Yeast, Salt, Rowan Berry Extract, Sunflower Lecithin* *ORGANIC
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Weight 17.0 oz