10/27 Spooky Grilled Cheeze Sandos by the DOZEN!

10/27 Spooky Grilled Cheeze Sandos by the DOZEN!

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 Dear happy campers, happy almost Halloween!!


Today, we'll share with you our favorite new sandwich "hack!"
With this delicious technique, you can make a dozen grilled cheese sandos all at once in less then 15 minutes!
🎯 You can easily make them dairy free!
🎃 They look really spooky with Jack O'Lanterne faces (photo above)
🥣 Here is our favorite Tomato soup recipe, to pair your grilled cheese sando with!

Just 3 ingredients:

🍞 Bread (like new Yum White Big Pan)

🧈 Butter (like Organic Melt dairy-free)

🧀 Cheese (like Good Planet dairy-free mozz. Melts superbly)!




🔥 Pre-heat Oven to 450F 

🍞 Prepare bread slices (we made 7 sandwiches, so 14 slices)

🧈 Lightly butter bottom of each slice

🍴 Place them butter-side down on a single-layer (thin) baking sheet (single layer is key for crispiness)

🧀 Put cheese (either slices or shreds) on each slice

⏰ Put in oven and bake 8-10 mins total

 ☝ Check after 5 minutes and decide how much more time is needed. You may need to rotate sheet pans on top and bottom oven racks. 

🤩 Cheese will melt nicely, photo below 


🎉 Now the final step we've all been waiting for! 🎉

Simply put the two sides together and you have a whole bunch of delicious crispy, golden-brown yumminess!!! 😋


Make these sandwiches and grab a recipe for our favorite Tomato Soup for your next Fall meal!

Bonus points for cutting out those Jack O'Lanterne faces if you're making this meal in the next few days!!!

Do this as the first step, before you even butter your slices.  🎃🧛‍♀️👻


Happy All Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead, All Saints' Day or whatever you are celebrating this season! 
As always, thank you for your support!!!!
-- Lacy, Jan and the Happy Campers team