6/26/2023: New bakery update!

6/26/2023: New bakery update!

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Hello happy campers!

Boy, last week was quite a week! Saving a bakery is hard work. 😵‍ We'd love to share some good news with you!

In our previous blog, we shared that our partner bakery abruptly shut down a week and half ago. Things were made extra tough by receiving no advanced notice.

With no way to bake our bread, we found ourselves in a real pickle. (not the tasty dill kind unfortunately) 🤕🥒

But our call for help was answered! Thank goodness for truly amazing colleagues, who have generously taken us in to bake our products until we find our forever bakery home!

Here’s what we accomplished just last week:
🍞 Moved all ingredients and equipment to new bakery location 
🍞 Had successful test bake on Friday 23rd
🍞 Started re-assembling equipment and planning for production


Timelines are a bit difficult to estimate now, but here’s our best guess:
👩‍🍳 We should be able to resume Easy Peasy Flour Mix production within 2 weeks (by 7/7/2023). Update: Easy Peasy is now available as of 6/29/2023!
👨‍🍳 We should be able to resume baking of 1 or 2 flavors and start shipping orders the week of 7/17/2023. But quality is our top priority, so we will only re-activate our online store once bread quality is guaranteed. Update: online orders are back up and we're shipping as of 7/21/2023!


Here are some photos from the all-hands-on-deck special operation we had going last week!

We moved 2 truckloads of ingredients, materials and equipment. The whole family was called in. Below, Lacy and Jan are helped by Lacy's dad John and our brother-in-law Ben. 

As usual, Lacy insisted on being the muscle of the operation...

First test batch comes out of the oven on Friday 6/23/2023, looking great!

Working hard... or hardly working? 🤔😆