6/30/2023: Easy Peasy Flour Mix NOW available! + new bakery update

6/30/2023: Easy Peasy Flour Mix NOW available! + new bakery update

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Hello happy campers!


💥🎉 We’re thrilled to announce: 💥🎉


Easy Peasy Flour Mix is now available to purchase again!


Remember: anybody can bake great bread with Easy Peasy and to bake Classy Slice you only need to add water and oil! 😋🍞👩‍🍳


We hope Easy Peasy can satisfy your most urgent bread needs until we resume baking. We have recipes with for all our bread flavors (videos included) and we're ready to assist with making your fresh bread baking endeavors a glorious success!


These Easy Peasy bags are waiting for you! 😋

Here’s a quick bread update:

🥪 We’re in the process of equipment installs, which should finish next week

🥪 We will start test baking Classy Slice, Yum White and Food Service breads

🥪 If everything goes well, we should resume online sales on 7/17!

Here’s a huge note regarding that 7/17 timeline:


When we were in a similar situation and moving bakeries last year, we hurried the transition, because we didn’t want to cause the inconvenience of out-of-stocks. 


That was a big mistake, because our quality inevitably suffered. It is our promise to you that we will not hurry this transition and we will not relaunch our online store, until we are confident in the quality and truly proud of the bread we bake for you!

-- Lacy, Jan and the Happy Campers team