Making the gluten free world happy, one loaf at a time!

Making the gluten free world happy, one loaf at a time!

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Why we started the Happy Campers bakery.

When you think of it, Bread is such a beautiful word and whatever it can evoke is nothing short of happy and wholesome. Our own journey towards that perfectly happy loaf stems from the shared love for baking, the personal passion for healthy food and the need to keep gluten out of the kitchen. What we saw the gluten-free world was missing was an allergy-friendly bread that doesn’t compromise on either the health, nor the yum quotient.

The first question we asked ourselves was how tasty and healthy can we make our loaf of bread. Over the course of several years, we spent hundreds of hours selling our bread at farmer’s markets and listening to our customers to figure out what people need in bread and how best to meet that need. What do we leave in our bread and what do we leave out?

Ancient grains like quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, millet and buckwheat was our answer to getting the gluten-free breadquation right. These superfoods have way more fiber and protein that we have been missing out on for so long. A diet that includes ancient grains have been linked to numerous health benefits like improved blood sugar, reduced inflammation, as well as heart disease and cancer risk. Like any grain, when eaten whole, ancient grains are rich in fiber with an array of antioxidants and phytochemicals that are adamant on keeping you hale & happy!

There is this whole paradigm shift nowadays from food as a ‘health nourisher’ to food as a ‘well-being enhancer’ or rather to foods that talk to us on a soul level. Carbs in moderation is the best source powerhouse of energy and with us being such outdoorsy people, baking healthy bread is our way of actively making the best out of nature and life. When we could bake a pure, gluten-free, unadulterated loaf with extraordinary flavor, we didn’t have to think twice about keeping food allergens out of our bread and life!

The discussions world over surrounding the whole mind-mood-food connection was another precursor inching us closer to Happy Campers. The fact that carbs can actually make you happy has ample scientific backing. It’s when our serotonin levels go down that we seek out carbs to buckle up our mood. And bread does the one on one talking to the pleasure centers in the brain,
We ‘ll always keep up the experimenting because we are committed to baking the healthiest and tastiest bread we can and we value every little feedback of yours. Apart from that, I guess it all comes down to two happy hearts which is our secret ingredient to baking a wholesome bread that packs a gluten-free punch!

Want to hear and see more about what drives us every day to make the best bread we can? Watch this video here!